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CPL_TeenLibrarian created a list Aug 11 2022
General Recommendations

Get On The Write Track

"Titles to inspire budding authors during National Novel Writing Month."
CPL_TeenLibrarian created a list Aug 08 2022
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Practical Magic: Get In Touch With Your Inner Witch

"Witchcraft is the practice of using magic to alter the world around you through intention, tools, and nature. Many Pagans practice Witchcraft but you do not need to be religious to practice. There are also many different ways to practice Witchcraf..."
CPL_TeenLibrarian created a list Jul 30 2022
General Recommendations

Supernatural Protagonists

"In case being a teenager wasn't hard enough, these heroes and heroines all have a little extra to worry about, whether that's being a shapeshifter, mermaid, vampire, or even being dead."
CPL_TeenLibrarian created a list Jul 29 2022
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A Court of Thorns and Roses

"These books are for the people who look to the stars and wish, the ACOTAR fans who are looking for the next dark and romantic adventure to dig their claws into. From bombastic fantasy epics to quiet but edgy retellings of classic fairy tales, thes..."
CPL_TeenLibrarian created a list Jul 24 2022
General Recommendations

Bone Chilling Books: Spooky Teen Reads

"Lately, real life might be feeling scarier than fiction. But should you be looking for a thrill and an excuse to keep the lights--check out the creepy books below."
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